Reading This Might Give You Cancer

Seriously, it sounds like EVERYTHING gives you cancer.  I’ve been reading about cancer prevention because of course I don’t want to have to go through this again, right?  But I’d have to be the Bubble Boy to avoid everything you’re supposed to avoid.

Red #40 – my favorite.  If I walk down the candy aisle at the store, what calls to me?  Red licorice, Hot Tamales, and Cherry Sour Balls.  Yep – cancer magnets.

I downloaded an app to check on beauty products’ ratings.  My CoverGirl Tru Blend foundation got a 0 on a 10-scale.  Yikes. So I got new makeup…

But the computer screen I’m currently staring into, the microwave I just used to heat up my dinner, the workout I missed last week, my electric blanket, and bacon, yes bacon, causes cancer.  Actually, I think just living on the planet Earth causes cancer!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed at the myriad things in our environment that cause cancer, and truly, there’s no way to avoid them all!  But, thanks in large part to my daughter’s shaming, we’ve been making healthy changes for quite a while now.  We store leftovers and drink alkaline water out of glass containers instead of plastic; buy natural, organic and non-GMO for the most part; avoid chemicals whenever possible (which literally means switching ALL of our cleaning and personal/beauty products), and even trying to avoid EMFs now…

I realize these are first world problems, and I’m thankful to even have the option of doing chemo and being able to afford expensive natural, organic products (why do they cost so much more?). Here are some of my newest finds:

new finds
Some of my new healthy alternatives – CocoWhip is a fantastic topping for the chocolate pudding – great dessert. Simply Gum is my new fave, Ultima as an alternative to Gatorade/Poweraid, and YumEarth suckers are super tart and yummy.


Had my third chemo last Friday, and my dad went with me.  Everything went well, and it was actually my best weekend yet – very few flu symptoms, and I got to celebrate Mother’s Day Saturday AND Sunday!

Brunch on Saturday with the Ladd family, church with Stace on Sunday, then my family came over for a barbecue on Sunday, including my brother Dave and his g/f Monica! It was all such a blessing to still be able to do all that since I’d prepared myself for the possibility I’d be in bed all weekend.

I seem to be losing more hair than normal, but you can’t really tell, and so far no barfing!

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers!!

P.S. In preparation for more hair loss, I got a new ‘do – above.