Ten Reasons You Will Love the New South Lake Tahoe Goodwill Store

Ten Reasons You Will Love the New South Lake Tahoe Goodwill Store

By Karen McClaflin, Chief Development Officer, Goodwill Sacramento Valley & Northern Nevada

  1. Bargains. Admit it, that’s why we shop at thrift stores. We love bargains.  At the new Goodwill store, located at 1069 Emerald Bay Road, at the Y in the former Pier 1 building, you’ll find 8,000 square feet of high-quality donated clothing, furniture and household items, as well as a wide variety of brand-new products at low cost.  Don’t we all want our paychecks to stretch a little bit further?  And if you’re lucky…
  2. You might find something valuable for next to nothing. It’s a thrill to find a hidden treasure for a fraction of the cost you’d pay new.  Whether that’s something intrinsically valuable to you (like that dish from your grandmother’s china you haven’t been able to replace) or a rare item nobody has found yet (like an early Beatles record) that’s worth way more than the price tag.  And when you arrive at the checkout, you feel a small amount of guilt, because “they have no idea what they have here!” But that guilt is completely overshadowed by “HOLY CRAP! LOOK WHAT I FOUND!”
  3. Goodwill stores keep more out of landfills. Obviously the very idea of a secondhand store is eco-friendly. Thrift stores are like humanity’s hand-me-downs. Goodwill sorts all of our donations so you don’t have to, putting out only the higher-quality items that are reusable as-is. Any items with holes or stains or broken pieces are reprocessed through our salvage program (fabrics sent to third-world countries where they are used as filler, plastics and metals recycled, etc.).  So shop with us – it’s good for the environment!
  4. Winter Halloween is coming! Goodwill Sacramento Valley & Northern Nevada does such a good job at Halloween, we put on trainings for the other Goodwills around the country!  We will be your one-stop shop for all your costume needs – whether it’s a fullon Zombie Princess costume or that last detail to complete your ensemble, we have it.  Super Hero costume? Too easy.
  5. If you’re a collector, thrift stores are your heaven. Whether you collect ceramic figurines, vintage Barbies, macramé plant hangers, or men’s ties from the 70s, you’ll find it at a Goodwill store (and for a lot less moolah than at an antique store).  So let your collector freak flag fly.
  6. Our stores are customized for each location. South Lake Tahoe is known for its outdoor adventure, so at this store, you will find snowboards, sleeping bags, hiking boots, life jackets, ski pants and wakeboards in plentiful supply.  In fact, we will be bringing the majority of our donated equipment for nature enthusiasts to the Tahoe store, so locals and visitors alike can get the best deals on the necessities for their favorite activities!
  7. 50% off sales. Every Sunday, one of our color tags is 50% off all day, and on major holidays, everything in the store is half-off.  What’s better than a bargain?  A sale on a bargain!
  8. It’s the best way to furnish a new house or apartment. Need a 60-piece dish set for ten bucks?  A laundry hamper, bath mat, coffee table, desk lamp, curtains or a casserole dish?  Welcome to the Promised Land.
  9. You can afford to buy things you may never use again. Yes, you hope that that crocheted vest is an amazing hit, or that you’ll be using that Shake Weight for years to come, but for only a couple bucks’ investment, you can take risks without having to pay an arm and a leg.  Plus, there are never any pesky salespeople hanging around trying to make a commission!
  10. When you’re buying or donating to Goodwill, your money goes to a good cause. Our mission as a community nonprofit is to utilize our resources, including store profits, to help people with disadvantages achieve self- The items that are generously donated and re-purchased by the community help support training and employment programs for disadvantaged youth, adults and seniors, along with supporting various community nonprofits with similar missions. Last year, the sale of donated goods in stores helped provide critical funding to help thousands of people with barriers to employment, housing, food services, and other community resources.

We look forward to partnering with the South Lake Tahoe community.  Join us for a 4-day Grand Opening Extravaganza, beginning Thursday, July 21, and featuring free recyclable totes for the first 200 shoppers, free coffee and cookies, and a free flat-screen TV drawing!

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