No Hair, Don’t Care

So I’m almost 3 months post-chemo, and feeling pretty close to back to normal. Whatever that was.  I still get tired after a long day and forget lots of things, but I can no longer remember if that’s a chemo-recovery thing or an old-person thing.  Probably a bit of both.

When I lost my hair to chemo this year, I swore I’d never complain about a bad hair day again.  Not wanting to deal with complicated scarves or hot wigs in the summertime, I opted to go with hats during my dog days of chemo.

Mostly, those who didn’t know about the cancer along with the in-the-know-crowd simply said “I like your hat!” or “Hats look great on you!” Which was much better than pitying looks from strangers at the supermarket, or the awkward moment of realization for those folks I hadn’t seen in a while.
almost bald

“Thanks,” I’d tell them. “I’m trying something a little different.” I didn’t mention that the different part was trying to cover up my thinning, mangy hair tufts and bald spots.

After chemo, when my hair (peach fuzz, really) started growing back, I had to make a decision to continue wearing the hats or embrace my inner pixie.  I opted for the latter, and while it was fun at first telling people who asked about it that I lost a bet or decided to become French, I eventually just announced it was my chemo ‘do.

Now, you can see from my pre-chemo photo below that I normally sport longer hair, for the most part, and I don’t think I’ve had it this short since I was two, but I’m getting used to it!
pre cancer hair
Although I was secretly hoping it would grow back thick and curly, it’s coming back in my normal mousey brown, and my normal straighter-and-limper-than-linguine style. And growing at the speed of Congress.  No “chemo curls” for me –  oh well.

The upside is that one bottle of shampoo has last me over a month, and it takes about 5 minutes to style my hair in the morning! So who knows – I might just keep it!

Another upside: I’ve become a lot less fussy about life’s little disappointments — and my body’s imperfections — since the cancer diagnosis.  Like my hair, I’ve grown some, too.